High Risk Merchant Accounts

Credit Card Processing for High Risk Businesses

HRMS Provider has dedicated its mission to specializing in high risk merchant accounts for merchants in all industries. Because of our extensive and exclusive bank network, we can provide high risk payment processing to nearly any high risk industry. Our merchant accounts will allow you to accept debit and credit cards as well as ACH payments online, over the phone or at a retail location. Tell us a little about your business and we’ll pair you the best high risk payment processing solution to fit your specific merchant account needs.

HRMS Provider: Quick and Easy

Application for High Risk Merchant Accounts

We designed our applications around the concept of being quick and easy to fill out. The application takes 5 minutes to complete. Supporting documentation can include a copy of your business’ articles of incorporation, financial statements, an IRS EIN letter, and driver’s license. Based on your industry type and the bank it is going to, additional documentation may be required.
Several factors come into account during merchant account approvals. Your business practices and method of sales, chargeback ratio, previous processing history, credit score and business financials will all be combined to give an approval. Once you are talking to your assigned high risk merchant account representative, they will go over all of these items with you, give you an honest assessment of your approval odds and let you know if there might be any conditions to your approval.

Why Is My Business Considered ‘High Risk’?

Banks and financial institutions always evaluate risk when working with a businesses or opening a line of credit. They do this to protect their assets and reduce the amount of risk they take on financially. If your industry type does land in the High Risk category, finding a quality merchant account. If you meet any of these criteria, your business would be considered and specialised high risk merchant accounts are going to be your best bet:

  • High volume of or risk of chargebacks
  • Previous merchant account denials
  • Large transactions or infrequent processing
  • Business owner has poor credit scores
  • Selling controversial or illegal products
  • Businesses selling free/trial offers
  • Blacklisted for bankruptcy or fraud

Despite the difficulty facing thousands of merchants that classify as high risk, HRMS Provider we have made it our goal to provide high risk merchant accounts to all businesses. Most merchants see approvals in 24-72 hours from time of submitting their application and supporting documentation and processing credit card transactions.

Services for High Risk Merchant Accounts

High Risk Credit Card Processing

Increase your business’ cash flow and provide the convenience of payment options that consumers expect by accepting debit and credit card payments.

High Risk Payment Gateway

HRMS Provider gateway integrations for thousands of shopping carts, allowing your high risk business to accept credit card payments online or face to face.

High Risk Processing Solutions

When it comes to your businesses success acquiring high risk processing solutions, you need to partner with high risk specialist who understand your industry.

High Risk Instant Approvals

Don’t get caught up in the game of dragged out applications and declines at unexperienced providers. We’ll tell you upfront if we have a solution for you.

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