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Operating a business inside of a high risk industry means, unfortunately, finding a quality high risk merchant account provider is difficult. Often, providers are inexperienced with certain high risk industries which can result in application declines, account closures or waiting for tentative approvals that can take weeks. Don’t wait, get an instant approval.

Here at HRMS Provider, we have made it our goal to focus on specializing in high risk merchants, understanding their specific needs and have streamlined the approval process. Just by talking to one of our representatives, you could be on your way to processing credit cards in as little as 24 hours with an instant approval.

Approval Process for High Risk Businesses

The HRMS Provider Difference

Not all industries can be handled properly in 24 hours. When you contact HRMS Provider, one of our high risk merchant service representatives will gather some basic information about your account and give you an honest, straightforward assessment of what your approval process will look like. Providers promising they can get any account approved instantly is not being completely transparent with you. True merchant account approvals must come from the processing bank.

Step 1

Call High Risk Merchant Service Provider
Contact Us About An Instant Approval

Reach us by phone or email. One of our high risk merchant service representatives will help you find the best processing solution and tell you upfront if you qualify for an instant approval.

Step 2

Find A High Risk Merchant Account Bank
Custom High Risk Processing Solutions

Once our high risk representative learns more about your business needs, you’ll be paired with one of our many high risk banks that specialize in your industry. It is at this point that you could be instantly approved.

Step 3

Fill Out High Risk Credit Card Processing Application
Complete and Place Your High Risk Application

After the best high risk credit card processing solution has been selected, we’ll send you our application to fill out and return. Your merchant service representative will be available to help answer any questions.

Step 4

Begin Processing Credit Card Transactions
Official Approval; Start Your High Risk Processing

Dependant on your business’ industry type, you could be instantly approved but most approvals range from 24 hours to 4 days. Lastly, connect your high risk merchant account and start accepting credit card payments.

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